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  • SocialSculptures – treasure hunt


  • object

    Objectification and Beast Behind Beauty – a work in progress documentary by geo geller Objectification and Beast Behind Beauty Men objectify Woman, Women objectify men and men and woman objectify themselves a work in progress ////// by geo geller geo (at) geogeller.com filmed at Body Art Painting in NYC – For ANYONE with a body!…

  • babble

    Babble & Babble Music Soul Searching in the Land of Babble Sounding the Depths a musical odd-ah-see Babble the Universal Language theater & music experiments Exploring the Language of Empathy, Intuition & beyond conceived/filmed/un-directed by geo geller geo (at) geogeller.com featuring: elena camerin and hye yun park Musical Babble KanittaGoi (thai) sneha khanwalkar (indian) israel…

  • The Future of Story Telling

    It’s a story as a platform for conversation, supported by a community of active participants that help to evolve narrative indefinitely by contributing content and sharing content. It’s participant driven. It’s never finished. So we ask – Is this the future of storytelling?  

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