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June 14, 2011

SocialSculptures – treasure hunt

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SocialSculptures.comAndy Dixon - Ex-Con with - Paradise LostJames Kusel - Music Saved My LifeAlbert Maysles - ViZualPoetWill Who Won't - homeless black - Harlem MidWife ... Alchemist Dent - portrait of DetroitSusan - portraitTribute to My
Mother My Madness and GodTattoo vs GrafittiSaneAsylumRecords.comMyOwnPrivateRevolution.comContemporary Heiroglyphics - GrafittiTaylor - portrait coming

January 19, 2018


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Objectification and Beast Behind Beauty – a work in progress documentary by geo geller

Objectification and Beast Behind Beauty

Men objectify Woman, Women objectify men and men and woman objectify themselves

a work in progress //////
geo geller
geo (at)

filmed at Body Art Painting in NYC – For ANYONE with a body! July 9 2016 hosted by Pearl Perri

objectification with Inna Kats

objectification with chantal

Charmaine and Amber at Shine a Light Save a Life rally
sponsored by EndAbuse4Good, the Women’s March Alliance oct 21, 2017 Washington Sq Park

Objectification – Topless Parade 2016

The Beast Behind Beauty – Shine, Abbey, Mariel, Frida, Maya-lin, elena

The Beast Behind Beauty
an experiential documentary about slaying the Beast within
the Beast that keeps us from feeling beautiful

work in progress: adult and young audiences version coming
geo geller
geo (at)
please scroll down to see videos

on dance beauty anorexia ballet sex and beyond 1-10-2016

Scroll Down please

The Beast Behind Beauty slaying the Beast that keeps us from feeling beautiful
fyi – first conversation was filmed post the NYC 2013 Gay Pride Parade and part 3 was filmed Sept 21 2014 City Hall Park in NYC – 1) first conversation and trailer – 2) conversation 1 and 3 including epilogue – 3) adult version all 3 conversations plus epilogue – all are unedited please scroll down to see videos

SYNOPSIS The Beast Behind Beauty explores our/your/my story, about how we live inside out and outside in, our relationship to Beauty vs feeling beautiful: at the core it is about our relationship to ourselves, our conscious and invisible selves*, to others, our families, our expectations, our bodies, our minds, our society, our obsession with appearances, with being an objectified commodity and then objectifying ourselves all in the name of being something we already are (beautiful) but don’t know it.

In the Beast Behind Beauty you will experience through the eyes of a former Beauty, model and fitness queen champion, who is taking back her life from Eating Disorder (ED), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D.), Anorexia, anxiety, Mental Illness and beyond and transforming herself from a caterpillar to an even more beautiful butterfly., (* the invisible self, the conscious self is the tip of the iceberg, the invisible self is everything under water and is the title of a work in progress documentary)

If the Beast Behind Beauty speaks to you and you think this is important issue please help us make this a reality. see below

INVITATION: we invite you to participate in the feast of potential opportunities, to make a difference to both men and women, boys and girls like you and me who are held hostage by the beast, by beauty. We are in a battle to create a nest for the Beast Behind Beauty project to grow. We need in-kind and financial support and beyond in order to slay the beast. Our strategy is to build a community crowd sourced multi-dimensional support network if we are going to be effective in changing how we think about beauty vs feeling beautiful – we envision a multi pronged approach: experiential interactive film/audio/photos/curriculum and mentoring online & offline – Distribution via theatrical/broadcast/small and large screening with discussion followup after live and online events and a strong Social Web presence, always with an eye towards educational component for all ages…. – we can’t do it alone so please help and please contact us beauty (at) if this interests you

1) first conversation & trailer

2) conversation 1 and 3 including epilogue

3)Shine On 1-14-2015

4)World Fashion Parade – Shalhavit performance 9 25 2016

5) Adult version – complete all 4 conversations, unedited

1)Abbey on The Beast Behind Beauty

on dance beauty anorexia ballet sex and beyond 1-10-2016

Frida – Beast Behind Beauty and Other Faces of MonaLisa


Helen Stratford – 2003


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Babble & Babble Music

Soul Searching in the Land of Babble

Sounding the Depths a musical odd-ah-see
Babble the Universal Language

theater & music experiments
Exploring the Language of Empathy, Intuition & beyond
conceived/filmed/un-directed by
geo geller
geo (at)

featuring: elena camerin and hye yun park

Musical Babble
KanittaGoi (thai) sneha khanwalkar (indian)
israel mizrachi (hebrew) ezzy gluck (yiddish) geo geller (playing himself)
excerpted from Babble experimental film

a short film/theater play in progress workshop
is a collaboration of geo geller and elena camerin

concept: women speaking in their native language to each other as if they are speaking
the same language in search of a common language that goes beyond
there are total of 5 individual video segments in youtube play below total running time 45 min

Babble is the Universal Language
if you are having trouble see this below – go to youtube link here

Babble 2-
Babble – a musical odd-ah-see
Sounding the Depths

KanittaGoi (thai) sneha khanwalkar (indian)
israel mizrachi (hebrew) ezzy gluck (yiddish) geo geller (playing himself)
excerpted from Babble experimental film
geo geller
Oct 18, 2016

in my Ivory Tower – 10/18/2016

Play babbling-crop-1-20161018230602 - mp3 file

Play babbling-crop-1-20161018230602 - wav file

Play soul-searching-in-the-land-of-babble-ver-20161019001144 - mp3 file

Play soul-searching-in-the-land-of-babble-ver-20161019001144 - wav file

Play YAMA-with-ezzy-israel-sneha-hebrew-ver-20161019001144 - mp3 file

Play YAMA-with-ezzy-israel-sneha-hebrew-ver-20161019001144 - wav file

Babbling – Sounding the Depths – experiments in music and conversation

NOTE: Raw & Random – unedited and out of sequence – Playlist has 15 videos

May 29, 2011

The Future of Story Telling

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It’s a story as a platform for conversation, supported by a community of active participants that help to evolve narrative indefinitely by contributing content and sharing content.

It’s participant driven.

It’s never finished.

So we ask – Is this the future of storytelling?


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