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March 19, 2012


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newFuture of Story Telling Talk at 140conf mini SxSW12 by geo geller with Andy Dixon – introduced by Jeff Pulver 3/12/2012new
please read the following directions: this talk was part of my experiment in experience story telling
that encourages more involvement then just a spectator sport… please have a fresh unpeeled orange in hand and either turn off all lights or wear a blind fold and experience this event in the darkness as it was when recorded with an audience of participants – turn off screen or put something over the screen
please send us your thoughts and feed back geo (at)
      link to mp3 Future of Story Telling talk

      link to mp3 Andy Dixon - In My Cave song at Future of StoryTelling talk

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newAndy Dixon – telling his story and storytelling new
from on the road again with andy and geo
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enlarge Redemption is Back with Andy Dixon image
      link to mp3 Andy Dixon telling his story and storytelling

OnTheRoadAgain with Andy Dixon

OnTheRoadAgain with Andy Dixon

work in progress – please go here – for more and also to I Am Convicted

ExCon with Convictions singer songwriter Andy Dixon sings excerpts from “Lost and Never Found” while telling it like it is and how he feels it – Andy should know, he spent 27 years of an illegal life sentence without parole and was the 3rd of 4 generations to be incarcerated – he mixes his talk with sings and tries to bring us some insight and some light – as he says “most people are good people they don’t want to steal and rob, they do it out of desperation and need… contrary to most peoples belief not out of greed… sometimes, I think about a future where food clothes and shelter are considered a natural born right to a citizen, a citizen of the world where no one will have to go hungry, wonder where they are going to get clothes to put on their backs… where education will also be free and good and equal”…. “some folks say I’m a dreamer… I don’t believe that’s true. I believe I’m in the majority of folks… just like you… who believes together we can do what some people would call the impossible – sometimes we have to envision for each other what we can’t envision for ourselves”…. “It’s a hard hard life people… to be homeless, to be hungry to be without” recorded and edited by geo geller check more out at

(click to enlarge video)

(click to enlarge video)

Andy Dixon spent 27 years of an illegal life without parole sentence in prison and in this segment he talks about-being an ExConWithConvictions and his BreakOut Project of breaking kids out of prision before they get in and breaking cycle of crime/prison/depression intergenerational incarceration that Andy knows all too well, he is 3rd of 4 generation in his family to be incarcerated – edited and excerpted from a larger series of conversation –

Andy Dixon is available as performer, speaker, singer/songwriter…his performance & he talks are mixed with songs that he sings his heart out about life, life in prison, inter-generational Incarceration, being an ex con with convictions and his commitment to breaking kids out of prison before they get there – you can hear more about Andy as a performer and speaker and his I Am Convicted and his YouthTURNS project at you can reach Andy at or reach me – you can follow Andy on @andydixn – facebook

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